Claims management team

Paulius Zabiela

Claims management

Paulius has been working in the field of insurance claims administration since 2012. Paulius has worked for insurance companies such as ADB Gjensidige and JSC DK PZU Lietuva as a transport and property expert. Today, the gained experience allows him to provide clients with the best claims management solutions and their supervision. Paulius also has a higher education in business systems development and management, so in many cases working with Claims Management you will gain not only technical knowledge, but also advice and recommendations on how to make your business more efficient through the prism of claims in the short or long term.

Eugenijus Laurinčiukas

Assessment of movable property

Another member of the team with vast experience in claims assessment. Eugenijus is one of the few specialists in Lithuania who can carry out independent assessments. Eugenijus has gained extensive experience in claims valuation while working for one of the largest insurance companies and obtained his valuation licence back in 2005. Eugenijus is capable of valuing all types of vehicles: passenger cars, commercial cars, buses, motorhomes, motorbikes, trucks/special purpose vehicles, railway vehicles, and agricultural/forestry, construction, and industrial machinery.

Tomas Bernatavičius

Product development

Tomas is someone who came into the business from professional sport, which indicates qualities such as persistance, patience, work ethic and a drive to achieve goals. Tomas is responsible for the development of the Claims Management product both in Lithuania and abroad. Tomas investigates the needs and problems of businesses and seeks solutions how to make processes more efficient for our clients through a range of Claims Management services.

Petras Grigalis


A new member of the team who has a lot of professional experience: a Master's degree in Law, 12 years of experience in the Ministry of Justice, 15 years of experience in preparing legal and procedural documents as well as legislations, advising clients and representing the State in court. Petras prepares claims and replies to claims for our clients, he is responsible for logistic companies' claims in legal matters, and handles disputes with insurers and other parties on behalf of carriers.